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Flower for the Bride 1

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    Flowers for the Bride - Book 1

    This book contains a collection of my photographs showing bridal bouquets created in foam holders.

    A collection of bouquets!

    book2Running a new business you may find it difficult to collate a portfolio of bridal bouquets as it is something that evolves. With over 35 years of experience to show evidence of my bridal work I thought it was an ideal opportunity to share. I have taken photographs from the beginning as a junior florist, That not only gives personal evidence of style which captures time showing progression of trends and ability but it also gives visual evidence in case of a complaint. Some photographs are not worthy of collating because they are repetitive designs and popular choices with our brides as time and trends change, and an excellent shot isn’t always achieved to add to my portfolio. This is an ideal opportunity to use this guide for your brides. Each picture shows a commercial bridal design created on foam.

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