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Flower for the Bride 2

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    Flowers for the Bride - Book 2

    This book contains a collection of my photographs showing a selection of commercially designed bridal hand-tieds from simple bridal sheaves to bespoke constructions.

    This is the second in a collection of 4 books.

    book3This portfolio of evidence shows different styles created in the hand, and presented to the bride as a hand-tied bridal bouquet, the success and simplicity of these styles allows many brides to carry what could be termed as an informal design. Not every bride wants a mass of flowers but a suggestion of quality in a choice bloom instead of a multiple selection of many blooms tied together. The contemporary trends of a handtied can show forward planning with accessory items attached and constructive collar edging using fresh and fabric materials, giving decorative ambiance when carried. In this book of inspirational designs you can sell to your bride or simply add embellishments to one of my designs to create a more bespoke look.