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Flower for the Bride 3

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    Flowers for the Bride - Book 3

    This book contains a collection of my photographs showing bridal bouquets, plus some designs that missed book 1.

    This is the third in a collection of 4 books.

    book4Not forgetting the important techniques shown to us as a student of a wired bouquet it is important as trained professionals to show our brides a wide selection of styles, the long hours given to training is worthwhile when showing our ability to manipulate single select blooms with the aid of wires and tapes, pushing the boundaries of the principles of design. These designs have changed dramatically in the last 20 years with the introduction of foam holders so it is an ideal opportunity to reinvent the wired design, keeping our skill at the pinnacle of our profession but a commercial viable design with the aid of forward planning the sale of these designs is important. In the 60s a shower of red roses would have been constructed using a thick gauge wire and presenting a design that would suit better today on a casket. The intuitive wiring and innovative introduction of decorative embellishments makes a show stopping must have design. A collection of Wired Bridal bouquets and Bridesmaids designs not to forget the “The one that got away” a small collation of bouquets that missed book 1.