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Flower for the Bride 4

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    Flowers for the Bride - Book 4

    This book contains a collection of my photographs showing Service, Reception, Accessory gift ideas and buttonholes.

    This is the fourth and final book in our Flowers for the Bride collection.

    book5I trade in South Lincolnshire, where we have many careful budgeting brides they are willing to spend lots of money on their own bridal flowers but are more reserved when it comes to service venues and reception flowers. We are also much staved of venues that would sparkle and shin with a high end budget. This portfolio of flowers is aimed at the brides that we serve regularly not the celebrities of stage and screen. Entwined classic floral designs with a topping of simple contemporary arrangements. with a overflow of select blooms presented in glass. As a conclusion to this book I have added buttonholes and accessory flowers for the head, arms and any other complementing area of the body, making this book rich with flower and gift ideas.

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