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Getting to Grips

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    Getting to Grips

    with European Design Principles

    book1The British floristry designer is said to be approximately 7 years behind our European counterparts with trend setting ideas and design skills within floristry. With that in mind I have published this training manual to help you understand their principles of design.

    In the introduction I have spoken about the movement of specialist flowers from around the world. Not only floral designers and florists, but their customers are becoming more demanding for something different and not just cut flowers to give as a gift. General sales for flowers can always be purchased from the supermarket but it’s down to the floral designer and florist to offer just that little bit more to stay ahead in business.

    I have tried to give an easy approach to texture and colour and its use within floral design as you experiment with the construction of floral arrangements.

    You will be encouraged to approach the understanding and the mathematics used with both actual and visual balance within an arrangement and why it is important when working with containers and fresh materials and how easy it is to equate both British and European methods within the whole process of developing a floral design. To help build and update your knowledge, to lessen the gap and expand your design skills to keep your future customers interested.

    If after reading this training manual you are still not clear on the procedure of European principles of design then use the enclosed 10% discount voucher on the back cover of "Getting to Grips" and have a days training in the studio.
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